Entry: Where Is Bo And Luke, And More Importantly Daisy Duke? Jan 14, 2004

A former co-worker once told me that everybody has a character on tv that they resemble.  He used to play this game where he would try and figure out which tv character each person in the office resembled.  It was a fun game.  He told me that I most closely resemble "Murdock" from "THE A TEAM".  Cool!  I always loved Murdock's zany antics. 

I can't help but think the current administration reminds way too much of "The Dukes Of Hazzard".
When Bubya purses his mouth his speech pattern reminds me of that character Cleatus.  I keep waiting for Dubya to punctuate one of his sentences with the very profound, "geeuh geeuh geeuh!" giggle.  Cheney is clearly Boss Hog.  Where is Bo and Luke to save the day?  More importantly, where is Daisy Duke?? 

I want THE A TEAM in the white house.  George Peppard's character Hannibal always had a plan, and it always came together.  If you need to kick Osamas ass, and nobody else can help you ....maybe you can hire....THE A TEAM.  Then there was Face Man, who would be the ultimate diplomatic VP, sweet talking the entire world into doing his bidding.  Mr T's character BA, could be Colin Powel.  "I PITY THE FOOL THAT VIOLATES THE NO FLY ZONE!"...but they'd have to knock him out every time they needed to get him aboard Air Force One.  Murdock could basically fly Air Force One and the Presidential Helicopter. 

Is it me or is this whole new Presidential Space Plan the biggest and most empty vacuum since the discovery of space itself?  It is promise about nothing.  A Seinfeld sketch at best.  Kramer for Vice President! 

Retiring the Space Shuttle is a no brainer, but I feel like Bush is kinda just making the rest of this up as he goes along.  It's easy to promise some vague concept when you don't plan on delivering it for another 20 or 30 years, and you don't have to appropriate those long term funds. 

Yeah, I'm cynical.  I just feel like this is a nothing more than a self serving Administration, trying to appear as if they intend to serve the betterment of mankind because election time is around the corner. 

All across the Country, dumb people will exclaim "whoooa", and then go watch their Star Wars 7 Hour Edition DVDs. 

If we do establish a base on the Moon, you can bet Starbucks and MacDonalds will be one of the first few structures to be established, after the important task of buidling The Disney Store is out of the way. 




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