Entry: Is The Department Of Redundancy At It YET Again? Jan 18, 2004

"The President has committed combat troops under a pretext he knew to be false when he presented it to Congress. By the end of the first year of American involvement, more than 500 American soldiers have died and no clear end is in sight at this time."

Does this sound familiar?

No, as coincidental as it might seem, I'm referring to....

....VIET NAM in 1964.

Is The Department Of Redundancy At It YET Again?
While I'm on the subject of 1964, I've just discovered the delight of watching NBC's series "American Dreams".

In an era where Reality TV saturates the airwaves, this slice of life fictional show is refreshing.  I understand the plots for the show have been steadily progressing along timelines that started in the 1950s.  All I can say is that the music in the show is excellent.  The soundtrack really makes the show, and will no doubt be available on Time Life records in the near future.  Fom what little I've seen, the show is instantly endearing, though they need more car chases...LOL just kidding about the lack of chase sequences.  .

The Presidential Debates would be certainly more lively if car chase sequences were interspersed with the proceedings.  Just Imagine Gephardt going haywire in a white bronco down the LA freeway, or Kerry going banshee in a go-kart, mowing down all the podiums.  Bush would probably be too drunk to drive, so we'll let him ride a unicycle or something.  It's the official vechicle of the circus so what could be more appropriate?

I'm all for the use of ninjas in these debates as well.  If a candidate goes on too long, a ninja should swoop in and drop kick them.  Either that or former Governor and Pro Wrester Jesse Ventura should smash the errant candidate over the head with a metal folding chair.

Well, enough of this silly nonsense.  I'm going to end this before I get hit with a metal folding chair.




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