Entry: but seriously Jan 24, 2004

Well, there are far more important things to talk about than the possiblities of what would ensue if Captain Kangaroo's casket was shot off into space ala Mr. Spock in "The Wrath Of Khan".

For instance, I just heard that two employees of Haliburton, siphoned off 61 MIILLION dollars of tax payer money, and then left the company on their own accord before being caught.  Do you think Dick Cheney can get me a job?  That sounds like one hell of a golden parachute.  Loot those taxpayers baby!  LOOT EM!!!!

All of this follows Haliburton receiving another highly lucrative "no bid" contract for BRINGING fuel to IRAQ.  Excuse me...doesn't Iraq already HAVE the second largest reserve of oil in the world?

We liberate them, but knock out all their vital services in the process, take our sweet time rebuilding the infrastructure, STEAL the money allocated for such rebuiliding, and then SELL them a commodity that they already own but are unable to access following all the destruction of our liberating efforts.  YOU KNOW IT MAKES SENSE!

Also, how is it that these "no bid" contracts continue to be offered.  My f*cking tax money is being robbed.  It's steal from the poor and give to the rich.  "RobbingHood:  Prince Of Skeeves".

Speaking of films, Woody Allen needs to address this in a sequel by making "TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN II".  The movie would feature the continuing adventures of Virgil Stockwell, who after serving his sentence for his crimes, is identified as an ideal candidate for employment by a big energy conglomerate.  Upon looking over his resume, the human resources people would exclaim, "Wow, a lifetime's history of theft!  Here's our man!".  The mayhem ensues.

In my version, I would call it "Honey, I Shrank The Economy".  A fictional Vice President/Scientist would feverishly develop a ray gun to be mounted on satellites, that siphons money directly out of tax payers pockets!  Why steal their tax money, when you take the cash directly from the citizens?  What a model of efficiency! 

Inadvertently, the entire economy is diminished to the point where even the paper money itself needs to be scaled back to one tenth the current size, to allow it be worth at least as much as the paper it is printed on.

Coming soon to a theatre near you, and quite possibly your actual community.




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