Entry: RonWorld's InBox Jan 24, 2004

I have a new segment on my BLOG that emodies fun in it's purest form. 

It is entitled:



Welcome to RONWORLD'S INBOX.  As you probably already figured out, this is the forum where I reply to correspondence sent to me either through the blogdrive reply control  window here on the blog, or mail I receive at: ronworlds_inbox@hotmail.com

Not too recently "ID'S CONCUBINE" asked this question about the recent U.S. MARS MISSION: 

"...with all the technological processing they do to "enhance" the photo
We might just as well do the thing on PhotoShop and scrap the mission (saving money for tax cuts to the wealthiest and most evil Americans) Your thoughts, Mr. RonWorld?"

Well ID'S CONCUBINE, the answer is simple...Haliburton hasn't diversified enough to find a division of the company that can win an exclusive mulit-billion dollar contract to cover the massive production costs for such an undertaking.  If Haliburton does make a bid to buy out Industrial Light And Magic Inc.  any time in the near future, then you can start hedging your bets that the next MARS MISSION may be an IMAX affair.   You see, giving further tax cuts to the wealthiest American's will look bad and cause the majority of working stiffs to don Viking outfits and rampage through the streets screaming, "EAT THE RRRICH!" and some may even dress up as old world sea captains and run through the streets screaming, "REMEMBER THE MAAAINE!".  That is just way too risky, so rather than make themselves more exempt from taxation, in order to keep up appearances, they maintain their current level of taxation while finding clever and virtually undetectable ways of siphoning off tax dollars without anybody noticing, such as giving out massive bonuses to corporate executives of companies that received lucrative government contracts.  This way they just take YOUR tax dollars  instead of paying less themselves.   






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